Erotic Massage Salon

Moscow, Ostozhenka str., 7, Kropotkinskaya Metro Station



территория настоящих мужчин

Эротический массаж EN

erotic massage

We do not provide erotic services, but we offer you the opportunity to experience something truly new to your body and to extend the range of sensual pleasures during erotic massage.

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Мальчишник в массажном салоне

в программу включено: кальян, бутылка рома или виски, сет-суши, сырное и фруктовое плато


Erotic Massage Salon

Are you tired of the daily routine of office and endless series of gray days? Do you feel constant tension because of stresses and monotonous bustle of the metropolis? There is a great way to leave all troubles and problems behind! We invite you to erotic massage salon "Relax Massage". Welcome to the magic world of incredible sensuality and voluptuous bliss! We have here amazing atmosphere of relaxation, mind-disturbing scents, coziness and comfort. Come here for fulfillment of desires, getting vivid sensations and heavenly pleasure.

Guru of erotic massage is your guide to the world of pleasures

Skillfully mastered professional masseuses know a variety of techniques which allow bringing a man to enchanting ecstasy without engaging in intimacy with him. Yes, you heard right! Our girls do not provide sexual services, as erotic massage is purely tactile sensation with a slight hint of spice. Just look at the gorgeous and well-groomed bodies of our erotic massage masters! Their lovely half-naked charms are able to drive mad even the most sophisticated in pleasures macho, and the innermost strings of your tired body will be touched by delicate and sensitive fingers.

Full relaxation with an individual approach

Erotic massage is the best remedy for the blues and accumulated negative emotions. It originated in ancient China and India many centuries ago, and up to the present day this skill brings an unforgettable pleasure, which is impossible to compare with anything. Professional-quality erotic massage will transform your body into a large and sensitive to touch erogenous zone, open new facets of sexual arousal and carry away to the peak of the most frank fantasies. After a session your male potential will significantly increase, the voltage will disappear, all the difficulties will pass into the background, there will be a huge boost of energy – you'll be ready to move mountains.

Our erotic massage masters are both real professionals in their field, and also great psychologists. The girls will find a unique approach to every man and will exactly consider his temperament and preferences. These lovely Charmers know special ruses and nuances which will lead any client to the highest bliss. Every muscle and cell of your skin will be treated kindly, and the session will go on until the moment you fully relax and get rid of the bad feelings or annoying negative emotions.

On the waves of pleasure together with the «Relax Massage»

Erotic massage salon "Relax Massage" in Moscow is ready to give you a memorable cruise on the ocean of pleasure. Our gorgeous ladies will offer you a wide range of massage programs - "A Kiss of Passion" and "Secret Desire", "Revelation" and "Sweet Captivity", "Ice and Fire", "Bliss" and many-many other variations of magnificent and saturated relaxation. The "range" of pleasures is simply enormous, so you definitely will not have any problems while selecting the option.

Our price list is so attractive that the cost of erotic massage service will not seem exorbitant to you and in no way will drain your wallet. We gladly offer promotions and other bonus programs to our visitors which allow them to enjoy the talent of our masters at impressive discounts. Are you already dreaming to enjoy soft hands of girls-masseuses, and the desire to get in touch with their hot and velvety bodies catches a breath? Don't lay aside your dream for later! "Relax Massage" are waiting for you anytime!

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Salon Relax massage

Moscow Ostozhenka str., 7



About us

Are you dreaming to have a great relax without having sexual contact? Welcome to the erotic massage salon RELAX MASSAGE! Experienced girls, barely touching your body with their sensitive fingers will make your masculinity tremble with excitement. There definitely won’t be outright sex, but the enjoyment and even full-fledged orgasm is guaranteed to every man! Our charming masseuses will easily immerse you in languid relaxation of magnificent massage for men, giving the marvelously pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and refined intimacy to each client.


We do not provide intimate services - «Even bumps on the floor« and not for all the money in the world! We do not provide services to persons under the age of 18. Shower before the massage is a must. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and drugs. It is not allowed to bring firearms, gas spray gun and cold steel for security purposes.