Since ancient times female body fascinates men with its graceful curves and magnificent forms. For centuries beauties have enchanted and forced to lose fearless warriors, valiant knights, kings, pharaohs, and other almighty rulers and nobles temper and mind. And every man was burning with an incredible desire not just to observe the women's graceful figure, but also to feel the touch of her charms.

Relaxing with a bottle of beer at the bar or sitting in a chair in front of the TV is a pretty good option, but is it worthy of real macho? How long one can you enjoy such a drab, dully looking at the "plasma" screen or discussing the loss of a favorite football team with a neighbor on the next table? If you want to feel real and unforgettable pleasure, go to the erotic massage salon– this is the place where passion are always burning, and visitors get breathtaking emotions!

All people, whether they work online or spend their days in constant pursuit of big money in offices, time after time need a recharge, a restart and a shake — call it as you wish.

Various techniques are used for body wellness. The most popular of them is a massage. It is considered to be a way for recreation of mind and body. Though beauty salons provide such a service, they do not always include the service of Thai massage and despite the fact that it has become widely spread in our country, not everyone knows its peculiarities and subtleties.

Pair massage technique, or as it is otherwise called massage in four hands, is a very exceptional and extremely pleasant action. It came to us from ancient times and has become quite popular among the visitors of massage salons. Surprisingly, but in ancient times such method of effecting on the body was considered to be an exclusive procedure and was allowed only to noblemen or to the very rich and powerful people. Nowadays, the four-handed massage is available to everyone who appreciates proper and beautiful "choreography" of fluttering fingers of two professional masseuses.


Sensual and languid Thai massage is a great way to relax fully and to get a great pleasure. This exotic form of relaxation originated in India and ancient China, and today it has become relevant in Russia and has its popularity among connoisseurs of delicate touches and subtle effect on the erogenous zones.

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Salon Relax massage

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About us

Are you dreaming to have a great relax without having sexual contact? Welcome to the erotic massage salon RELAX MASSAGE! Experienced girls, barely touching your body with their sensitive fingers will make your masculinity tremble with excitement. There definitely won’t be outright sex, but the enjoyment and even full-fledged orgasm is guaranteed to every man! Our charming masseuses will easily immerse you in languid relaxation of magnificent massage for men, giving the marvelously pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and refined intimacy to each client.


We do not provide intimate services - «Even bumps on the floor« and not for all the money in the world! We do not provide services to persons under the age of 18. Shower before the massage is a must. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and drugs. It is not allowed to bring firearms, gas spray gun and cold steel for security purposes.